Adult Animal Slippers

Happy Feet is an online retailer of specialty slippers, logo beddings and winter head gear. It is based in Louisville, Kentucky and is a family owned business. Happy Feet accommodates sales to individual consumers, retail establishment owners (for display in their own apparel or footwear stores), fundraising programs for schools / causes / organizations, and mall cart establishments. Adult animal slippers, sports slippers and logo beddings are the unique product offerings that serve as an advantage for Happy Feet.

A wide range of animal slippers are available with Happy Feet, including adult animal slippers and children's sizes. The collection includes penguin slippers, monkey slippers, turtle slippers, gray puppy slippers, white tiger slippers, gray wolf slippers, dragon slippers, pig slippers, gray and white cat slippers, bulldog slippers, kangaroo slippers, orange tiger slippers, alligator slippers, sheepdog slippers, black bear slippers, T-Rex slippers, platypus slippers, cat slippers, bunny slippers, shark slippers, poodle slippers, horse slippers, elephant slippers, lion slippers, armadillo slippers, buffalo slippers, clownfish slippers, cow slippers, reindeer slippers, eagle slippers, flamingo slippers, giraffe slippers, hippo slippers, koala slippers, mallard slippers, moose slippers, ostrich slippers, owl slippers, skunk slippers, stegosaurus slippers, triceratops slippers, cardinal slippers, wild cat slippers, camel slippers, frog slippers, longhorn slippers, and ladybug slippers. With such a wide range to choose from, it gets difficult to pick just one. To solve the problem somewhat, one can order a pain for each member in one's house - this way, even though one will have one pair, it will still feel good seeing the other pairs you chose around the house.

Soft, cushy adult animal slippers are the perfect way to spoil one's self, and help one feel cozy, unwound and at home - as one should in one's own home or college dorm. Apart from children and adult animal slippers, Happy Feet offers for sale a variety of sports (NFL and NBA team) and college slippers as well. All of these are available in the regular as well as scuff styles. NFL slippers include Atlanta Falcons slippers, Arizona Cardinals slippers, Buffalo Bills slippers, Cincinnati Bengals slippers, Chicago Bears slippers, Cleveland Browns slippers, Carolina Panthers slippers, Dallas Cowboys slippers, Denver Broncos slippers, Detroit Lions slippers, Green Bay Packers slippers, Houston Texans slippers, Indianapolis Colts slippers, Jacksonville Jaguars slippers, Kansas City Chiefs slippers, Miami Dolphins slippers, New England Patriots slippers, New York Giants slippers, New York Jets slippers, Oakland Raiders slippers, Philadelphia Eagles slippers, Pittsburgh Steelers slippers, San Diego Chargers slippers, Seattle Seahawks slippers, San Francisco 49ers slippers, St, Louis Rams slippers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers slippers, Tennessee Titans slippers and Washington Redskins slippers.

Most of these also come in the scuff styles. Happy Feet is accredited by the Better Business Bureau under their Reliability Program. They aim to provide a quality product with timely deliveries - so that each shopping experience at the Happy Feet website is a fulfilling and customers can't help but visit again and again, to buy slippers that celebrate their favorite animal and sports team. Wearers of college slipper can also show pride in the school they go / went to.