Young Money / Twist Extra Zlipperz Tops

SKU: extra zips-1

$ 8

You can own all of the Zlipper styles!

With Extra Zlipperz Tops, You Can Change Your Zlipperz Style!

Zlipperz are a traditional slipper sole/bottom and a traditional slipper top, zipped together.

This is unique because you can change the style slipper you are wearing by simply zipping one top off and zipping another top on. See our video showing how they work.

The product you are currently shopping is the TOP only @ $8 each. For a full pair of Zlipperz (top and sole), please shop the Zlipperz that are $28 each.


Please note before purchasing extra tops:

- You must already own a Zlipperz sole/bottom for this product to be of use.

- Zlipperz soles are included when you buy a full pair of Zlipperz @ $28 each.

-This product is the Extra Zlipperz Tops only!

-Extra Zlipperz Tops must match the size of your original Zlipperz sole to properly zip.

Zlipperz Sizes are:

S - Women-Girls 3-7 Men-Boys 4-6
M - Womens 7-9.5 Mens 6-8.5
L - Womens 10-11 Mens 9-10
XL - Womens 11.5-13.5 Mens 10.5-12.5
XXL - Womens 12.5-13.5 Mens 13.5-15


This product, is only Extra Zips. Extra Zips are the tops only.

Orders placed for extra tops only, will receive an email from customer service to confirm that you own a sole before the order will be processed. No reply will be subject to order cancellation.

Since each product is custom-made, please allow 5 to 7 days to process your order plus time to ship. Thank you!

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