Happy Feet Traditional Slipper

Plush Velvety Comfort

100% Breathable Polyester

1" Foam Rubber No-Skid Sole

High Quality

Laces Add Finishing Detail

It's Like Walking On Pillows

Happy Feet Open-Back Slipper

Velvety Comfort

Breathable Polyester

1" Foam Rubber No-Skid Sole

Easy to Slip On and Slip Off

Low Profile


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Working From Home?
Create brand proud employees.
Perfect for Customer Gifts!
The uniqueness and quality show you care.
Goodie Bag Favorite!
Happy Feet Slippers are unique and cherished gifts.
Low Minimum Qty's
Minimum 50qty.
Bulk Shipping Available
Plan to have them delivered to your next event.
Individual Shipping Available
Surprise your team members that work from home!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we exchange for a different size?
We don’t have exchanges as they are custom items. We suggest buying a few extras in sizes M-XL to accommodate this situation.
What is your return policy after receiving my order?
Custom orders are non-refundable. We do however provide a production level sample to be approved.
What is your order lead time?
Zlipperz - 10 days - Custom Tennis Shoe Happy Feet - varies depending on order date
Will you send me a physical sample for my final approval before printing the slippers?
What are your bulk price breaks?
Price breaks are available at 100, 200 and 400 or more.
Is there a limit to the number of colors we can use in our corporate design?
Can my bulk order be shipped to individual addresses?
Yes, but will require an additional pick charge per pair and applicable shipping.
Is there a different background color other than white?
Yes, we can create a sample in the colors you would want.
Can we choose different color shoelaces?
Not at this time.
Can we do a different logo on each slipper or does it have to be the same logo design?
Same design is required.
Do the sizes tend to run large or small?
If anything they run slightly small. It is easy to go up in size, but hard to go down. We will work with you based on your needs for gender and shoe size. While it is an estimate we can try to help predict based on our past orders.
Do you offer kid sizes?
Yes. We offer sizes from small to XXL.
How can I distinguish between the left and right shoe?
Happy Feet do not have a right foot and left foot.
How long will these shoes last with typical everyday wear?
Depends on the individual’s usage.
How do you clean Happy Feet & Zlippers?
If you are cleaning lint, fur & general debris, try a lint brush. For more pervasive stains or odors, use a damp (not wet) cloth with a gentle detergent or soap and water. Gently clean the areas that need cleaning and let air dry. Please, do not place your Happy Feet in the washer! They will become too saturated.