Happy Feet Featured on ‘The View’ | Favorite Gifts Under $50

Happy Feet Featured on ‘The View’ | Favorite Gifts Under $50

Happy Feet Featured on ‘The View’ | Favorite Gifts Under $50


With our recent new pleasure of creating ©Disney & Pixar,  as well as ©Marvel slippers, the excitement and buzz around Happy Feet just hasn’t stopped! Just this past Friday Happy Feet were featured on ABC’s hit daytime program ‘The View’! The theme was holiday related, as the gals were donned in their best festive-wear, and the place was buzzing, as per usual.

All of the co-hosts were assigned to bring their favorite holiday gifts under $50 to the table, and what an awesome moment it was to see Happy Feet up there!

Check Out Zlipperz Here!

Joy Behar was the co-host who decided to help show off our newest addition, the mix-N-match Zlipperz. She wasn’t shy about telling about how she likes to take a load off at the end of a long day,

“After a long day at the hot topics table, all I want to to is go home, take off my brazier, my shoes…. And slip my (slippers).."

and Whoopi was quick to jump on the particular, and humorous moment.

“$100 bucks if you take of that brazier right now!”

She got back with the program after the audience chuckled.

“Zlipperz by Happy Feet! All I want to do is slide my feet into some comfy slippers, so check these baby’s out! The first zip on, zip off, interchangeable slippers. How do you like that?”

We wanted to do something special for the show, so we included a few custom editions of Zlipperz featuring the cast of ‘The View’, as well as Joy’s Instagram famous dog. This was an awesome opportunity to mention how in 2019, we plan on offering custom zipper slippers so you can create your own with any image you want!

Check out the full video, to see more of The View’s favorite Gifts Under $50.

As a Shark Tank alumni, we know what it’s like to put our products to the test in the bright lights of television. What’s awesome is seeing our work be displayed as quality, comfortable, and affordable footwear on another network, already 4 years after our initial splash with the Sharks.

It truly speaks to the heart and soul that we put into our product. It’s been a long timeline of work and dedication to providing a product that can truly provide an experience, and being able to work with ©Marvel and ©Disney only grows our vision.

Looking forward to the holidays, as well as the new year, and keep your eye out for Personalized Custom Zlipperz!

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