Happy Feet Zlipperz to Be Featured on ABC’s The View

Happy Feet Zlipperz to Be Featured on ABC’s The View

If you’re a fan of Happy Feet slippers, you may have already had a look at our ©Disney Zlipperz line. With the ability to mix-n-match various designs that feature some of your favorite ©Disney characters, Zlipperz make for a fun gift for kids, teens and adults. The zipper slipper design is something we wanted to offer as an alternative to our original Happy Feet character styles, but with the same comfort soles. This Friday, December 14th, Zlipperz will be unveiled on ABC’s The View!

Check Out Our Feature on The View

Whoopi, Sunny, Joy, Sara, Paula and Meghan make up the cast of The View, and have steadily risen to become one of the most watched daytime talk shows of this era. Happy Feet is so excited to be able to feature our ©Disney Zlipperz line, and we hope to show once again, why Happy Feet make some of the comfiest slippers on the market!


©Disney Zlipperz Zipper Slippers

Who doesn’t love ©Disney Princesses? Our ©Disney Zlipperz feature Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Tinker Bell and many more! We don’t leave out the new ©Disney girls, we also have Tianna, Moanna and Elsa Frozen slippers!

You can also find the old classic ©Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy, and even Mickey and Minnie Christmas edition Zlipperz!

©Pixar Zlipperz Zipper Slippers

Even though the classic ©Disney characters are suitable for everyone, we also have ©Pixar favorites! You can find a pair of the whole family of The Incredibles, or a father-son set featuring Mr. Incredible and Jack Jack. Find some of your favorite characters from Toy Story, including Woody, the Aliens, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear! Got a little fan who’d love some Cars slippers? We’ve got Lightning Mcqueen and Tow Mater Slippers!

©Marvel Zlipperz Zipper Slippers

Some of the family may not be so into the princess side of things, but they’re in luck! Any fans of the ©Marvel franchise can find a pair of zipper slippers that they’ll love for years to come. Black Panther slippers are sure to be popular this year, and we also have Gaurdians of the Galaxy featuring Groot! Don’t worry, we’ve got dads covered, with The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Nick Fury, Venom, and many more!

Nightmare Before Christmas Zipper Slippers

We couldn’t create a collection of zipper slippers without including a Nightmare Before Christmas collection! Jack Skellington and and Sally are available with mix-n-match styles, along with Lock, Stock, and Barrell. We couldn’t leave out the Oogie Boogie man! If you have a family member who loves Halloween and Christmas equally, you’re not going to want to miss these Nightmare Before Christmas zipper slippers!

Remember to tune in this Friday to ABC’s The View to see our Happy Feet Zlipperz zipper slippers! We may even have a surprise for one of the cast members!

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